Barefoot Suffocation

Bare feet pace rhythmically across the wet, glistening asphalt as rainwater is corralled into a tiny rippled stream. It pools by the blocked drain where an isolated silver maple tree lost its limb to the chaos of the winds. The waters are rising; to her, it's a drizzle. For years she's strained her dainty neck to keep her head …

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crouching by the stream of consciousness

The Indigence of Inhibition

Shaky fingers caress the heartstrings of a stranger, as the mind tingles in anticipation of uncharted consequence. What has changed in these past few weeks, to take a panicking person and make her new, refurbished from the rubbish that'd convened in recess? 'Oft caught naked and rocking by the inward eye, arms wrapped tightly 'round …

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Dancing until we Cease.

  Too beautiful not to share first..:   We dance through these seasons, spinning and flowing Gracefully, tragically We think they'll always come. We'll always be young- But then the goosebumps find us. And we taste that dry cold air of unspoken despair; a beautiful knowing that one day we'll be undone. And as …

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