Shivers for survival stir in my core, as the thin, black trench coat does little to mitigate my loss of body heat. It's cold enough to feel the bite, but the isolation keeps me still as I stand on the bridge alone. Drawn in by zigzagging light dancing on the water's surface, I don't want to move. There is something …

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Barefoot Suffocation

Bare feet pace rhythmically across the wet, glistening asphalt as rainwater is corralled into a tiny rippled stream. It pools by the blocked drain where an isolated silver maple tree lost its limb to the chaos of the winds. The waters are rising; to her, it's a drizzle. For years she's strained her dainty neck to keep her head …

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crouching by the stream of consciousness

The Indigence of Inhibition

Shaky fingers caress the heartstrings of a stranger, as the mind tingles in anticipation of uncharted consequence. What has changed in these past few weeks, to take a panicking person and make her new, refurbished from the rubbish that'd convened in recess? 'Oft caught naked and rocking by the inward eye, arms wrapped tightly 'round …

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Dancing until we Cease.

  Too beautiful not to share first..:   We dance through these seasons, spinning and flowing Gracefully, tragically We think they'll always come. We'll always be young- But then the goosebumps find us. And we taste that dry cold air of unspoken despair; a beautiful knowing that one day we'll be undone. And as …

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