Fractures Altogether.

And then everything that exists, as one breathing system, peers through her eyes, his eyes, their eyes, to experience a perspective and inhabit a special space in time -- a knot that dances within a meshwork of everything. And as the gaze moves, altogether everything moves with it, feeding it and being fed by it. ... Read More:


Let go of all else and just love.

Sometimes, the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is to stop trying to fix things. Maybe things don’t need to be fixed, or at least not necessarily by us nor for us. Maybe nothing is broken and things are just fine to change sometimes. Maybe it doesn't need to hurt.  Sure, we can cry things …

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Particles and State-of-Being: A Clarifying Response to Shaun Terry

    In approaching identity, I like the visualization of "approaching" identity in a way similar to evaluating the 'limit' as x approaches a value, where x is a representation of a "space-time" dependent reality, and where identity, as f(x), is a function of space-time. As observers, we are likely only able to estimate an expected identity …

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Infinity and Identity (First Draft)

Draft 2 here Let’s suppose that one means of approaching identity, considered here as an expression of place among existing possible places, is informed by a combination of elements: past and present experience, moment-to-moment decision-making, motives and deliberations, and the ways by which outcomes affect us, among other things. Perhaps this conception of identity can …

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Love for fellow humans need not be superseded by the illusory walls so often erected by political discourse.


I am uncomfortable with most political discourse in this country, largely because it rests on a variety of insane assumptions. What, after all, is a nation state? It is a boundary superimposed over land. There is no “nation,” only an agreement between a large number of people to draw a boundaries “here” and “there.” Hence irrational political arguments.

Take the immigration debate, for example. I think we should welcome the stranger into our land. But if I argue that point in the public sphere, I have to change my language. I have to refer to people as “immigrants.” I have to reduce their humanity to a demeaning term even if I am supporting their right to a decent life. But there’s no such thing as an immigrant, just like there’s no such thing as a nation.

See, perceiving an “immigrant” is what happens when I accept the state’s way of…

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In Response to Population Control, Women’s roles, and Equitable Sustainability

Enhancing opportunities for women to thrive and have more control over their own reproductive health has been one approach to population control for which many have advocated. Is population control a problem? Should we be focusing more of our efforts on other ways of lowering human impact on the planet?  - ENVR 600: Environmental Health, The …

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