I’m called Christi.


The truest “About” is found throughout the contents of these posts; they are my attempt at understanding everything and if you’d like to join me on this journey, I’d be pleased.

I am ever exploring by foot, thought, discussion and pen.


I’ve learned that Love is the natural truth; all else, love endures.


I’m a student and will always cherish that title, because there is always more to see.

The world is so great that we will never know it all, but we can try.


I want to do everything.


All works here, my writings and my photos, are original © ChristiComplex unless otherwise noted, or unless someone kindly took a photo of me, in which case I was not the photographer of myself ;). If you’d like to use a photo or a piece, please ask/link.


Thank you, I love you.





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4 thoughts on “About

  1. wholderby8143

    Hi, I just discovered your beautiful writing here. It’s a rare find and I can truly identify with it. I would love to share some of my own work with you and hear your thoughts.


  2. Cameron A Bolish, M.Ed.

    Christi… I, a hopeless romantic on a photographic journey, have been so graciously guided here to your asylum of words – As I breathe in, the realization that I am ill-prepared to address such an ethereal enigma as yourself paralyzes me. Where might I be so privileged to submit a question and/or a thousand questions? As I breathe out, I wait…


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