A Summer in Copenhagen, Introduction

One of my foremost desires is to see a sustainable future — one that benefits all and protects the most vulnerable — come to fruition. Incorporating smart technology with an understanding of what makes for a healthy society and world can help make such a future possible. It is my belief that responsibly developing solutions that serve the global community necessitates developing a holistic appreciation for the world and its many nuanced patterns of human relationships — between one another and the environment.  As I traveled abroad for the first time in my life this past summer of 2017, I learned about efforts within the international community to advance sustainability and well-being. I witnessed inclusive community planning, green design, and the development of emergent technologies that aim to create resilience in communities, a path to smarter cities, and a healthier populace. I can say with full confidence that my summer in Denmark was the best three months of my life so far.

Leading up to the summer, I knew I wanted to learn more about sustainable smart cities and expressed my interest to a member of the UNC faculty. I was advised to consider the DIS Copenhagen field site and quickly began my research. Copenhagen would be the perfect springboard for my goals! I applied to intern with a startup company matching my interests in sustainability and smart technologies. I had a hunch that working directly within the community and experiencing the process a startup in the sustainability field undertakes, within a city known for encouraging sustainable practices, would help equip me for my own plans to help transition our local and global community to a more sustainable and equitable future. Once I received a letter of acceptance and funding to make the summer possible, I knew that a new chapter in my life had begun….

Update: Next part is posted! Read: Summer in Copenhagen, Part 2: To Vancouver First!


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