Safe Place

It's hard to breathe -- to enkindle that lust for consumption -- and be where I'm expected to be, when all I want is to do is draw the petals in, swing in circles about my coiled filaments, and let the tension and pain dissolve into irrelevance... There are larger ideas to entertain -- larger …

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Particles and State-of-Being: A Clarifying Response to Shaun Terry

    In approaching identity, I like the visualization of "approaching" identity in a way similar to evaluating the 'limit' as x approaches a value, where x is a representation of a "space-time" dependent reality, and where identity, as f(x), is a function of space-time. As observers, we are likely only able to estimate an expected identity …

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Infinity and Identity (First Draft)

Draft 2 here Let’s suppose that one means of approaching identity, considered here as an expression of place among existing possible places, is informed by a combination of elements: past and present experience, moment-to-moment decision-making, motives and deliberations, and the ways by which outcomes affect us, among other things. Perhaps this conception of identity can …

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