Dancing until we Cease.

  Too beautiful not to share first..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMSBBRhdFc4   We dance through these seasons, spinning and flowing Gracefully, tragically We think they'll always come. We'll always be young- But then the goosebumps find us. And we taste that dry cold air of unspoken despair; a beautiful knowing that one day we'll be undone. And as …

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“Licking the Candles” An Ode to the Dark

The dark, Sweeps over the ocean’s face From shore to horizon it crawls, Cool and misty, caressing the carcass of an abandoned carrier ship -Caught in a storm Of apocalyptic magnitude That once held the quietest of bodies With the loudest hope The dark, Penetrates the monastery Licking the candles to cast flickering folds upon …

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