System’s Precipice

  Sitting on the edge of this -- A weathered, stronghold, precipice And seven billion hearts are racing. 'Cause time marches forth Stringing masses in its girth While History's retracing, The patterns of its lacing.. And with eyes to the future Piercing cosmic binding sutures We want for nothing more, Than to be the paramour- Of the energy …

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Shards through pores

Shards, poised beneath pale skin, wield a slicing, heart-stopping potential. Like glistening trophies amassed to memorialize years of endured pain -- grains of silica grit that grind in your organs, before being melted and cast into cold smooth glass -- form an inner glass layer, just beneath the skin. Fragility in its nature, this memorial layer is demobilizing, calling for poise and etiquette, …

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